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Leaving Your Mark

What sparked this for me was a conversation during the last member meeting in Agora, but it’s something that I think not only me but most students think about. How do you make your mark in the world? How do you start a project, initiative, organization, that can actually succeed and be about your interest or passion?

That’s got to be the golden question. Starting out in college I had no idea what I wanted to do or how to do it. All I knew is that I had drive. I’ve worked hard and stumbled around a few majors like public administration, industrial design, social work, and finally conflict resolution. I had found my passion, and that made it easier to start devoting time on something worthwhile.

You know the old saying, 10% aspiration and 90% perspiration? That seems to be more and more true as I go. I love to create new projects and come up with new ideas. Though it has been a bit of luck, too. Take Agora for instance, I happened to be friends with the right people at the right time. Creating a new organization, project, or initiative takes a lot of work. Most importantly it takes a lot of group work, communication, consistency, being eager to learn, and just being creative. If I had to impart some portion of the knowledge I’ve learned the last couple of years it would be that leaving a mark on the world and on people takes a balance of raw passion and creativity, and hard work. You come up with better ideas, more consistently, on topics that you are passionate about. I love to come up with new ideas involving conflict resolution, but public policy or any STEM major, etc. count me out. When these ideas come out it gets me excited and I want them to be the best they possibly can be. The hard work doesn’t feel like work, it feels almost like play. Then it’s important to communicate these feelings with other people in the group so that you can judge what needs work and what great ideas they have to compliment it.

There’s still a lot to learn though, and something I’d like to learn most is the ability to instill passion in others. Bringing back to the Agora conversation was that people want action, want to create groups to go out after a discussion. That’s excellent! Yet, it takes a leader, or initiative to make that happen. How do you nurture that and keep it consistent rather than die off?


Agora Update

  • Next week is our guest speaker! Should be really excellent
  • All volunteers on deck for the Agora Conference! Here is a sneak peek of the logo we’ll be usingAgora Conference 2015 Logo 3
  • We want everyone involved! However you can help, you think of it it’ll happen. Especially outreach.
  • Officer elections are coming up! If you’d like to be an officer you should run! If you’re not sure or have questions any of the officers (myself included) are happy to answer them. Being an officer in Agora is what you make of it. There’s no hierarchy and it’s a loose organization. That’s how it’s designed and it makes it more fun, less stressful, and gives everyone the ability to create their own projects. Being an officer is being part of a close group where you help each other out and have loose roles. It’s a great opportunity to leave your mark, as I was talking about before.