About the Author


Dylan works in the fields of law and security emphasizing public safety and conflict resolution practices. Specializing in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa while holding a language background in Spanish, German and Egyptian Arabic. Research done in the past includes security force assessment in Brazil, civil society planning and infrastructure improvement in Afghanistan, and investments in areas of Africa such as Morocco and Zimbabwe. Dylan has worked with organizations ranging from crisis response and conflict management training to international security consulting, risk analysis and asset management. He is currently the Community Programs Manager at Northern Virginia Mediation Service overseeing the court mediation programs as a mediator, community-conflict resolution programs, and AAP county partnership for juvenile restorative justice. Previously, he managed a teaching company in which he personally taught English, Literature, History, Government and Economics. Other roles include Embassy Consultant for third parties in the DC area, corporate manager, private security contractor, and first responder. He holds a B.A., Conflict Analysis & Resolution from George Mason University, is a VA Supreme Court-Certified Mediator and EMT.

Interested in global security, dispute resolution, or investigative services? Visit my consultancy below:





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